Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Can't Get Enough...ETSY

Hi loves!!! I must confess something...I have an unhealthy obsession with Etsy. I could scour the pages of amazing vintage and handmade designs for hours and hours on end (ok fine, not could, DO!! I mean CONSTANTLY). In my opinion there is nothing cooler than knowing you have a one of a kind piece. Here are some of my fav shops so you can obsess with me!! <3
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  1. That jacket is so cool - I really like the paisley and it looks so comfortable! Where were these shots taken? The rooftop view looks so nice. Also the weather looks a lot more bearable than NYC's heat right now.. haha. And thanks for sharing your favorite Etsy shops! I've always wanted to get into Etsy but I never knew where to start, so I'll definitely have to check it out now :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, Darby! You look great x

    Alexa (not Chung)

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous! And I love those boots!


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